Christian Counseling Course #1

This course covers the foundations of counseling. You will learn how to offer formal counseling through your church or to the public as a ministry. You will learn the different forms of counseling, how to incorporate counseling on a three-fold approach of spirit, soul, and body. You will learn how to recognize people’s dominance of being either mind, will, or emotions. You will learn about belief, choices, and Faith-based Therapy. Many forms and assessments are provided to assist the counselor. ​
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Legal issues
Motivational gifts, soul dominance and personality
Opening a counseling center
Recognizing mental illness
The complete makeup of man
Twelve functions of a counselor​
Basics of counseling

Body language and interpersonal skills
Faith-based Therapy™ and approach
Foundations of Faith
Initial forms and assessments
Leading someone into salvation



Jul 23 2022


9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Dr. Renee

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