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Hello, Dr. Renée here. I am a  Mind and Brain Ambassador with an earned doctorate Ph.D. in Social, Political, and Organizational Psychology. I am also a board-certified licensed psychotherapist and trainer. I possess certification as a certified professional executive coach with additional certifications in emotional intelligence, neuroleadership, cultural intelligence, and  core energy leadership coaching,

Through coaching, I help clients to clarify their intentions, create space for higher-order brain activity, achieve transformational and sustainable change in the areas of personal, executive, and corporate leadership. As a mental wellness solution-focused culturally competent therapist, I offer secular and non-secular assistive therapy to help the client better understand depression, anxiety, trauma, shame, guilt,  disabling beliefs and champion ever-changing life events.

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Dr. Renee Charles


My new book is out now!

This book describes from a Biblical perspective how to rewire the brain with the Word of God and apply neuro-strategies to heal Trauma wounds and bruises.
Recovery, like salvation, is a restorative process to return the individual to a superior pre-injury state.

As you take authority over your thoughts with the Word of God, new spurts of energy will begin to stream throughout the brain, creating new neural pathways and ways of thinking.

Over time with consistency and intentionality, the brain will choose behaviors that have been rewarding in the past.
… available on Amazon

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