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Mentor Up - A Unique Mentorship Program

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Mentor Up is a high-impact one-to-one process with a C-suite leadership professional who serves as the mentor. Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced or knowledgeable person helps guide a less professional or less knowledgeable person by taking an active interest in their development.

The Mentor Up program is a 3–12-month commitment where the Mentee is aligns with a professional in the areas of business, corporate, and personal growth.
1. Coaching is different from mentoring by the mere fact that Coaching is about the client plan, and mentoring is about the mentor’s agenda items and ways of adapting.
2. Coaching is different from therapy in as much as Coaching involves partnering with the client to achieve their passion or intention by looking forward. Counseling or psychotherapy looks to the past to identify issues that may be hindering factors in the present situation.
3. Coaching is not similar to consulting. A consultant presents himself as an expert in the environment. In life coaching, the client is the expert.

Three Mentor UP Packages are available.

1:1 mentorship includes 30–60-minute sessions, including a choice evaluation, debriefing, and goal planning. See the Global Performance Consulting page for a description of the assessment types offered. A 50% deposit and a signed contract are required.

Package A

One To One 30 Minute Mentoring Occurring Once Monthly For Three Months.


Package B

One To One 30 Minute Mentoring Occurring Twice A Month For Three Months.


Package C

Mastermind Group 60 Minute Participation Only A Total Of 5 Weeks


The mastermind coaching format is intended for small groups of individuals with similar issues.
The Mastermind group meets weekly in person, remotely, or via phone over five to six weeks.
The group format allows participants to share and support ideas, enabling us to see things
differently and get a new perspective on goals and action plans.

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