Renée D. Charles

Hello, Dr. Renée here. Life is a mystery. Creativity emerges in it. At the age of 7 and for half of my life, I dreamt of becoming a neurosurgeon. Now I am a Mind and Brain Ambassador, Psychotherapist, Social Psychologist, neuro-coach, mentor, consultant, author, trainer, and serial entrepreneur.
Leveraging my lived” experience, my purpose, and global reach is helping others access more of their profoundly ingrained genius to accomplish something more significant than their expectations. I am often referred to as an energy shifter as I shift people to a place where they can visualize their meaning and purpose.

I have over thirty years of C-suite administrative and clinical experience in the nonprofit and for-profit corporate space. I am licensed as a psychotherapist and hold an earned Ph.D. in Social, Political, and Organizational Psychology.
I possess ICF certification as a certified executive professional coach with additional certifications within several coaching domains. I am certified to administer performance testing in emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence, energy leadership index, including the DISC personality tests for individuals and corporate groups.
I am a corporate builder, in the nonprofit space I am the founder, president, and CEO of a minority-focused-faith-based behavioral healthcare organization whose mission is to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health and healthcare. In the for-profit space I operate five LLCs and maintain a clinical and coaching private practice for influencers and those in the spotlight in their perspective industries.

Graced to facilitate self-discovery I help entrepreneurs, influencers and ecumenical and C- Suite leaders, clarify intentions, create space for higher-order brain activity and achieve transformational and sustainable change.
As a culturally competent mental wellness trauma therapist and licensed evangelist, I offer secular and non-secular assistive therapy to individuals, couples, and families, corporate, executive, and entertainers achieve the highest version of themselves and better understand depression, grief, addiction, mental anxiety, shame, guilt, and the spirit of trauma.

 Success Leaves Clues

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Doctoral Dissertation Submitted To The Dean, Faculty Of Social, Organisational, And Political Psychology
September 10, 2009


TRAUMA | 2019


John Maxwell Certified
Trainer, Speaker And Coach


I am certified as an executive performance coach by the Institute for Professional Coaching , the John Maxwell leadership Institute and the Optiimind Neuroscience Coaching Institute. I possess certifications in several coaching, teaching and training domains including in the areas of: emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence, cultural competence training, faith-based ecumenical counseling, core energy leadership, neuro-coaching and leadership, specializing in neuro-entrepreneurial, assessment debriefing and coaching.