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Life is an act of research searching for answers to what appears to be out of reach. Some people seek ways to get unstuck, find a perfect mate, write a book, locate a lost item, erase a trauma, obtain global success, find God or discover the restart button. The Discover, Learn, & Know program is a six -week self –discovery system designed to shift you to higher levels of awareness and increase your energy exponentially to discover what you are looking for is looking for you.

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Deluge International Ministry Institute

Deluge International Ministry Institute is an online non-denominational Christian training ministry committed to training, motivating, and mobilizing a network of harvesters capable of intercession, articulation, and demonstration of Christian principles and the mobilization of laborers to advance the Kingdom of God.

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International Institute of Faith-Based Counseling

The International Institute of Faith-Based Counseling (I.I.F.B.C.) is a credentialing organization that certifies, trains, and licenses Christian counselors, ministers, and chaplains. I.I.F.B.C. training programs are rooted in Christian faith and belief in Biblical teachings. This training is available for counselors who desire to use Biblical Dynamics to help clients who are struggling with unhealthy emotions that result in negative consequence behavior. Certification and licensing do mean something. Certification demonstrates accountability, promises higher sensitivity to religious providers, and provides an alternative solution to cumbersome state regulations. Live and online classes Check calendar for dates and registration.

Live and online classes Check calendar for dates and registration.

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