Trauma Wound Healing and Recovery

Trauma Wound Healing And Recovery

Trauma happens to us all—friends, colleagues, families, and neighbors. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention reports that one in five Americans was sexually molested as a child, one in four has been beaten by a parent to the point of a significant mark being left on their body, and one in three couples engages in physical violence. Twenty-five percent of the population grew up with alcoholic relatives, and one out of eight saw their mother being beaten or hit. The foundation of Remembering the Trauma teaches us that when we understand how trauma works, and when we exercise our option to rewire the brain, we become endowed with a truth that has exceptional power and we can seize opportunities to exit our pain. We come to understand that our distress has an expiration date if we know how to acquire the help we need.

- Forward Written by Dr. N. Cindy Trimm


TRAUMA | 2019


Book Reviews

Trauma plagues the body of Christ and the world in general, but the conversation on this topic is limited and diluted. Much dysfunction parades in believers lives due to this travesty. This uniquely written book merges academic depth alongside biblical truth to help readers receive implicit deliverance. Charles thoroughly unearths how memories, wounds, and bruises can change the trajectory of one’s life via their brain function. The case studies included adding further validity and autoethnographic perspectives of this manuscript. This book would fare well in various academic and religious settings. Christian counselors and believers alike should indeed add this to their canon of literature.
Alexis Maston-McClinton, Ph.D.
Remembering the Trauma is the most comprehensive and detailed study of the traumatic wounds of the soul and body, written from a biblically sound and physiological position of deliverance and healing. This book is an excellent tool for the local church and Christian counselors. It will safely bring healing insight and deliverance to so many who are suffering from trauma and afraid to see the need for both biblical and physiological in-sight.
Apostle Dr. Ivory Hopkins, a.k.a. The General of Deliverance
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) develops in response to disruptive external experiences that create deep emotional wounds inflicted by the environment onto the mind, body, and soul. In Remembering the Trauma, Dr. Renée Charles proposes a treatment model that incorporates clinical research with biblical truths. This model holds strong potential to empower healing by creating a union of evidence-based practices to rewire the brain with faith-based beliefs that bring a deeper meaning to the process of surviving trauma. This is a must-read for practitioners who incorporate religious interventions with therapeutic skills as well as secular therapists seeking to understand better and treat the Christian community.
Donna Simons LCSWR, CASAC