Renée D.Charles, Ph.D.

Molested at the age of 7 by a pedophile selling door to door  Ebony and Jet magazines in the 60’s, I fell prey to a spirit pretending to be a salesman. By the grace of God, I broke free from a spirit who lured me into a building with the intent to steal, kill and destroy my soul.

I hold an earned Ph.D., in Social and Organizational Psychology and a license as a certified registered psychotherapist. I am also a  professional certified coach with additional certifications in emotional intelligence, core energy leadership, cultural intelligence, cultural competence, neuroscience coaching, and board certification as a faith-based counselor trainer.

Today, my global reach spans clinical practice, C-suite administration,  research, professional training,, evangelism and mentoring.


I believe everyone would benefit by reading Remembering the Trauma. The very title issues a remarkable challenge to unpack and process the trauma that many have experienced.

Having an extensive background in psychotherapy and being a minister for over 40 years, I have counseled and prayed for thousands of people suffering from psychological and spiritual wounds, as well as demonic complications. I have reveled in the deliverance and healings I’ve been privileged to observe. I have seen the usefulness of counseling, along with its limits. Counseling helps to develop coping skills, but usually does not help the traumatized to become free, so I have a strong desire to read books like this one which discuss the amazing transformation that can come through the combination of therapy techniques, deliverance, and an understanding of the mind-body-brain connection.

Trauma happens to us all – friends, colleagues, families, and neighbors. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention reports that one in five Americans was sexually molested as a child; one in four has been beaten by a parent to the point of a significant mark being left on their body; and one in three couples engages in physical violence. Twenty five percent of the population grew up with alcoholic relatives, and one out of eight saw their mother being beaten or hit. ¹ 

These statistics show us that the Remembering the Trauma is not only relevant to the world at large, but it is also an important resource for the church as God’s representative in the earth and in bringing healing to its own population of traumatized people that it must contend with. In fact, trauma is so prominent in the Christian community that you can practically feel its weight on the people who gather during services. Shattered relationships and broken dreams have hurled many into the twilight of their own despair. In the darkness of our personal agony, many scramble for the light but often come up wanting and destitute. 

The foundation of Remembering the Trauma teaches us that when we understand how trauma works, and when we exercise our option to rewire the brain, we become endowed with a truth that has exceptional power and we can seize opportunities to exit our pain. We come to understand that our distress has an expiration date, if we know how to acquire the help we need.  The book directs us out of our pain, in a masterful style that incorporates her Trauma of Change ™ model, which is woven within the fabric of this book along with the proper interpretation of Scripture, and deliverance concepts.

When we have been down and out, we need hope and strategies – this is what this book gives.  Remembering the Trauma is a powerful tool that helps us see that we can finally embrace a more complete vibrant life beyond the pain and is presented in a way that is strikingly clear.

This timely work has the potential to see thousands of lives reclaimed, changed, and extracted from the grip of the enemy and any imposed limitations because of the profound insights articulated here.

— Dr. N. Cindy TrimmLife-Strategist, Author, Humanitarian


Trauma plagues the body of Christ, the world in general but the conversation on this topic is limited and diluted. Much dysfunction parades in believers live due to this travesty. In this book, Dr. Charles calls for a mental reset to help each person live their lives to the utmost.

This uniquely written book merges academic depth alongside biblical truth to help readers receive implicit deliverance. Charles thoroughly unearths how memories; wounds & bruises can change the trajectory of one’s life via their brains. The case studies included adding further validity & autoethnographic perspectives to this manuscript.

This book would fare well in various academic and religious settings. Christian counselors and believers alike should indeed add this to their canon of literature.

— Alexis Maston-Mcclinton, Ph.D.


Remembering The Trauma by Dr. Renee D. Charles, Ph.D. is the most comprehensive and detailed study of the traumatic wounds of the soul and body, written from a biblically sound and physiological position of deliverance and healing.

I have longed for such a well written balanced teaching in this area for years.  Being a seasoned forty-year veteran of deliverance and healing ministry, I recognize and welcome this sound teaching on the damaged emotions biblically taught in a balanced manner.

This book is an excellent tool for the local church and Christian counselors. It will safely bring healing insight and deliverance to so many that are suffering from trauma and afraid to see the need for both biblical and physiological in-sight.

Apostle Dr. Ivory Hopkins, a.k.a. The General of Deliverance

Overseer and Founder of Pilgrims Ministry of Deliverance

Georgetown, Delaware 19947